______2001-2006 GROUND ZERO N.Y. 11 SEPTEMBER 2001

Jiří Sozanský’s personal experiences - war-torn Bosnia seen from a plane, flooded Prague - were reflected in the cycles Urbicide and Zones, recently followed by the cycle Ground Zero. The apocalyptic experience of 11 September 2001, trauma for all humankind, is inseparable from aeroplanes and, in consequence, the common denominator of these cycles - aerial views - is fully justified and logical. Huge pastose canvases with their striking brushwork confront the viewer with residential areas - from their structurally presented pastose surfaces and disorganized lines emerge symbolic outlines of skyscrapers. Their confrontation with the reality of documentary photographs bespeaks the artist’s astonishingly real and intense experience rendered in gestural action painting. As a versatile artist Jiří Sozanský reminds us with great mastery of his original training as painter.